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Chattanooga TN United States

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January 13, 2018

One way of maintaining a level of commitment is by doing these three basic principles: staying focused, being driven, and having your own sense of worth. Easier said than done you might think. But this is the key to keeping your eye on the prize of success. No matter what your chosen profession might be, you must have a well laid plan for achievement.




Rev Jessie Jackson had the right idea when he began the Rainbow PUSH coalition back in the early 80, s. “Down With Dope Up With Hope!” “I Am Somebody!”


I vividly remember his speech when he visited our high school during that time. It was a mantra that he used to inspire hope, and if you repeated it enough times you too become a believer. It was inspirational then, but I didn't realize how much it would play out in my life, until, years later.




I always say, that if I can perceive an idea, think of it as already done, then put the plan into action, I can achieve it. Also, I've maintained the three principles of commitment.


It's just that simple.




Some of us have a hard time with visualization. What I’ve discovered is that for most people their level of commitment is conditional. If it doesn’t present itself by tangible means, or invisible to their senses they have a hard time believing it.  Much like God, those of us who believe knows that He is a spirit. Some folks deny His existence simply because of this reason. What we can’t see, touch or smell by all logical reasoning can’t be real.




Consider this, the wind is like God. We can’t see it, touch nor taste it but it’s presence is noticeable. When it billows and blows, swirls fallen leaves on the ground and make branches of trees sway with movement. Or, an itch. It’s just like the other two examples, but you can’t dismiss its presence either especially when you have to scratch.




We must maintain a daily process of positivity. For instance, most major businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations have a mission statement of core values. It is their badge of honor and pledge to standby the decree that tells the public who they are as a company, house of worship or well doers who provide service to the community.




I’m a romance writer and so I love any story that has knights in shining armor in them who make vows to protect the honor of damsels in distress.




We as individuals exemplify the same mentioned principles daily without even been consciously aware that we’re doing them. Every day, we get up go to work, come home, and repeat the process. Yet view it as anything except what it really is.




Okay I know, we must work to live and honestly it is more of a necessity. In part, this is true because the bible states that if you don't work, you don't eat. Simple enough principle for survival, right. But it is a valid point and another level of commitment. If we can execute the basic tools of survival, why can’t we apply it to our goals as well?




Let’s face it, commitments are like habits. Good ones though. Routines, if you will. Not all habits are bad. Say it with me, Some Habits Are Good.




All these things are vitally important to how we view any form of commitment.


It starts small, but grows into an integral part of our lives.


Consistency, is the key to maintaining commitment. Along with a desire to achieve your goals.


How do you view commitment? Is it a worthwhile obligation, or just a stumbling block to your very existence?




Marriage is a commitment, though many fail because it's taken lightly and not for the lifelong contract it is intended to be. In most people's lives they have practiced this behavior across the board. Whether it is matrimony, finances, parenting career wise or anything they are involved with.




Case and point, you have two people living the exact scenario. Both in relationships, employed you get the picture. However, one is more committed than the other because they live a driven life. What they practice in principal translates over into reality.


Because they see commitment for what it really is. It is an unwritten contract to follow through with whatever you have started. Not decide midway through that what you've agreed to, becomes less important. Or giving up right before you reach the finish line.


Commitment is a vow that we must take seriously. Especially when it applies to your profession, hopes and dreams.




Happy writing folks.




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