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Chattanooga TN United States

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January 6, 2018

  Mind Over Matter




Throughout life, most of us meet multiple trials and tribulations that leave us wondering, how do we get past these hardships and unconquerable situations. Like branches on trees caught in a windstorm, some of us wave and bend instead of breaking, while others fall short and become casualties to the storm.


Now, I am not saying that we are all unbreakable. Because no two people are exactly alike. Some fall victim to circumstance unable to withstand when tested to their limits. And others seem to move right along no matter the situation.


This is due to having a strong structure, or understanding where your strengths come from. We as humans were not born to fail. Despite what public opinion describes as natural born losers. Instinctively, we fight against it. Our defense mechanisms are designed to engage when challenged.


Mind over matter comes into play in these instances. It is not as simple as, if I do not mind then it does not matter. That is a superficial idealism that is destined for failure.


 What drives us should be deeper than the skin and in most cases, is. Much like those trees caught in powerful winds, they have a natural anchor. For us to withstand the force of such turbulence, our roots must be securely attached as well, preventing us from being separated from our natural anchor.


We too, have a power source. Although it is not earthly but a spiritual force that makes us unbreakable. Yes, we are human and riddled with flaws, therefore susceptible to many things. But, we are also resilient, and have reinforcements that keeps us intact.


What holds us through any storm is from a supernatural force. Not fabricated, therefore infallible. If we stay attentive and focused to the source.


Thoughts become words and words become actions.  If you believe that you can, then you will. We have been equipped with everything to achieve success. Nothing is impossible, and sometimes the idea seems illogical and surpass our ability to understand.


However, the renewal of our minds can transform us. This is scriptural see Romans 12:2 and not just a great talking point. Because God said it, and I believe it.


What I want you to do for 2018 is to focus on positive thoughts. Remove all negativity from your life. If you have goals that were not completed in 2017, do not stop believing that they are achievable. Do not give up nor give in. If you have suffered setbacks, due to doubt are whatever the case may be, look beyond that, and keep moving forward.


Mind over matter is more than just a mantra. Remember, you are unbreakable if you stay connected to the power source.




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