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Chattanooga TN United States

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October 22, 2017

Giving Your All in What You Do




What I love most about being a created person, is that the creator gave me a creative mind. Just as he took bits and pieces of Himself, throwing all those things into the mix, in so doing gave me the ability to do the same. I remember each experience during pregnancy with my children, wondering which half of my DNA were contributors and equally of their father.  I couldn’t wait to see the results when they were born.


I watched them grow and develop into who they would become as adults.  Seeing extensions of myself infused throughout their personalities and features.  I was happy, because I gave them the best parts of who I am as a person.


Though I had little control over which parts they would get, but received the things required to help develope them to become their best. I see the reflections of who I am in them. They are strong, intelligent, great thinkers, and kind.  These attributes are directly related to traits passed on from me to them.


My childbearing days are over now. I can no longer conceive, carry and birth another life physically.  But I still possess the ability to nurture in a different way.  You see, although time and the natural progression of the body limit me.  I am still able to us the gifts manifested in me by the heavenly Father to fulfill the desire to continue what I do best.


I sometimes, still miss all the excitement of pregnancy, but now the yearning to procreate has transformed me from a mother into what I do professionally now as a writer.  Just as I passed on remnants of myself within my children, I now infuse those same similarities into the characters I create, in the stories, I write.


 As an author I can still appreciate the gifts of what makes me who and what I am, first as an individual then as a writer.


Nothing is wasted. Every inch of what makes me human is translated into each character.  I can see myself in them too.  Sometimes minutely, but still the inner most parts of me are poured directly into my creations. I guess this is because giving of one self is the greatest gift you can give.


As a child, I remember my mother saying, if you’re not going to do it the right way, then don’t do it at all. I didn’t see the significance of her wisdom then, but I do now. My mother instilled in me and my siblings to be great, not just good at anything we put our time into but everything.


I still live by that philosophy.  By that standard. No matter what I do. Whether it’s my personal life, on my job, serving in my church and as a writer.  I refuse to do anything half-heartedly. If I can’t commit to an idea or a project, I won’t start it.


Who I am as a person is reflected in what I do in life. Across the board, I am consistent, reverent and dedicated, no matter what it is. I put my whole self out there, unlike the properties of genetics passed on to children, that are in bits and pieces.


I believe it is important to love what you do first and foremost, passionate and devoted. Your performance is exemplified by who you are.  We shouldn’t expect great things if we don’t give the best part of who we are.





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