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Chattanooga TN United States

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November 5, 2017

  What's Your Super Power



I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, and one of my favorites was the show called, Super Friends.  What child didn’t pretend that they were Superman or one of the other super heroes, from that show. That we could do the impossible. Fast forward to present day, yet my thoughts still linger on what the word Super Power means.


No, I don’t have an S tattooed on my chest or any other part of my anatomy, but I still possess a super power. Maybe it doesn’t work the same as the cartoon characters, indeed it’s very real.


You see my powers come from a supernatural source. I can’t fly, nor leap any tall buildings in a single bound, but I can still do great things with the gifts God has given me.  You see God takes the impossible and turns it into possibilities.


We all have been gifted with certain abilities, maybe you haven’t realized what your specific talents are, because they haven’t been tapped into yet. They are there, but hidden just below the surface. 


I discovered my special abilities long ago as a child. Strictly by accident, but I found that I was a storyteller. For years, I sat at my mother’s feet listening to the tales she shared, imagination running wild as I visualized every detail, seeing images, vivid colors and people of whom I’d never met before outside of this fantasy world.


The first time I discovered the gift, I was probably about six years old.  My classmates and I all sat around in a circle on the playground, and I enthralled them with a story. The tale of The Girl with the Red Eyes.  I was just as amazed as they were, that I possessed the power to capture someone’s attention simply by telling them a fantastical tale.


Later on, in my teen and adult years, my repertoire of stories increased and knew that I should write them all down.  Thus, began my career as a writer.  I abandoned the horror stories for romance. Some might agree and say they are the same, depending on the details, I understand why they feel that way.


I’ve had people ask me, you’re a Christian, so why do you write romantic stories? Instead of Christian fiction? My response is I write about what I know and what is in my heart.  The stories are of a secular nature, but spiritually based. You know, if you think about it, the bible is the greatest love story ever written. We learn this in Genesis, and throughout the book.  One of my favorite passages and the foundation for this truth is from John 3:16. For God So Loved the World He Gave His Only Begotten Son.


Not that I’m romanticizing God’s word, but I learned to love and to write about the subject based on this precept. God is love, and I am inspired by the written word to share stories of love, from my own perspective.  


Having super powers doesn’t necessarily mean we are to go rogue or deploy special privileges to distort the truth. With super powers comes equal responsibility. "From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded" (Luke 12:48).


We should uplift, and inspire others to embrace their gifts. Super powers does not mean super human; therefore, we have to be careful as to how we approach the gift.


I want you to critique your abilities, list your accomplishments, and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Just to clarify, the super power comes from within, it is not visible by the naked eye.  It is a presence of mind and not anything that we can wield physically except by the instruments allowed.


My weapon of choice, is not designed to destroy but to empower others to discover what drives them.  To seek their own level of motivation, to use their own super ability through the gift of super powers.





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