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Chattanooga TN United States

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November 19, 2017

  Don’t Forget About the Middle




Sometimes, when writing we often focus on what takes place at the beginning of the story, and the happy ending.  Just like life, there is a start and a finish, but what about the middle?  What happens during the process is equally important as the rest of the story.  Life as we know it, is a journey, so is the descriptive telling of any story.


There are many defining moments, that transpire along the way.  They hold the secrets of what will be left behind, of who we are and what we did, essentially, our legacy. As does the life of each character of every story a writer has created. How those golden moments are approached is worth a little more time.


I relate the story’s I write on paper often to my own life because they are similar in many ways.  I was born, did some things in the middle and at the downward stage, I know there will be an inevitable end. The creation of each story is just like that. But it’s what you do during the voyage that matters the most.


Life is filled with half-truths and omitted details, that leaves reality hanging in the balance. This the norm of every story whether it’s fictional or real life.


I love a good read. Especially the kind that hooks you within the first paragraph.  I know that the rest of the story will be just as captivating regardless of the outcome. Although, that matters to me too.


It makes me think of Oreo cookies.  One of my favorites by the way.  A round, chocolaty, delicious treat that is perfect with a glass of cold milk.  Much like that cookie, it reminds me of the world. Also, round, always revolving, changing, but still anchored. Getting back to the cookie. If you’re like me, you want to twist it open and get to the yummy part which is the middle. 


The middle, is often neglected. But for me, it’s the most exciting part of any story. A lot of interesting details, goes on between the cover and the back of a book.  It’s like a sandwich, you start with two slices of bread, load on the fixings slather on mayo and mustard but it’s the middle that we can’t wait to sink our teeth into.  


No, I wasn’t hungry when I wrote this, just in case you were wondering. But I like to eat as mush as I love to read. Instead, I’ve gained substantial insight because food is so relatable to life.  It sustains us, fuels our body and keeps us moving. Just as food is important to our health, having a great story on hand, is like a banana split with a cherry on top. Also, reading is fundamental and keeps us mentally stable.


So, switching gears, let’s move on to another important stage in life. Not to seem morbid, or fixated with death, but I’ve attended a few funerals during my life.  I listened to the minister as he eulogized the departed, sharing their accomplishments, what they meant to their family, and a few of their favorite things.  Based on how they lived during their life, bears a greater weight than what happened at the beginning and the end.


Overall, we all have a starting point and an end. Just remember, all the goodness of life is what happens in the middle.







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